What's in your vise?


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Some more coho stuff...

Stinger clousers. Tied a few in this coloration so a good number more in other color combos to go...


Another random pattern. I tied some stuff similar to this last year and had a good amount of success with them. This is similar to a pattern I am submitting as a jelly for the skunkworks swap meant to be fished under and indicator potentially. The bead hidden under the body is the weight. I’ll fish these like a traditional streamer. Anyway, they are pink..and chartreuse.... and fluttery...and super simple to tie, so they should catch salmon :).




And some more baitfish. Need to tie some these up in pink and pink/chartreuse as well. That being said, as good as baitfish/flatwings fish for me, rocks are brutal on eyes. No matter how much I’ve cure I cover them with!


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