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Super excited to have an AK trip on the horizon. I’ll be in the Talkeetna area for a few days just exploring (with a fly rod at the ready of course) and then 6 days at Katmai. Last year I did not fish with a guide but this year I will a bit, if anything just to feel a little more comfortable with all those Katmai bears around :). So, tied up some different colored dolly llamas and small wooly buggers. The few times I ventured out and fished the Cook river on my own last trip, I used simple, small dark wooly buggers and had pretty good luck with the bows.

Any other streamer suggestions?

I’ll be buying my nymphs and dries. Not quite comfortable with my ability to tie those well enough yet.

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I can only speak to the Talkeetna area.

The Talkeetna area gets fishing a lot these days. The road accessed tributaries can be ok if you are willing to do some serious hiking.

With that said, there are still plenty of fish available and it’s an absolutely gorgeous area.

As for flies, the largest available food source will
be the salmon run, kings specifically. Beads. Size and color seems to matter more as the fish are more pressured.

Mossys is a solid shop in Anchorage and can suggest size/color when you are up there.

Flesh fly streamer patterns can work too although I’ve usually nymphed them.


If you want to nymph and their are dolly’s around, sometimes a simple beadhead pheasant tail nymph can be as effective as a bead.

PS-a lot of the road system streams in Alaska have great dry fly fishing early in the season before sockeye and kings arrive. Can be a lot of fun hitting a blue wing olive hatch!

Have fun up there. Alaska is a special place.

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What hook are you tying those on? Good looking bug. Might have to duplicate that on a small jig hook.
What hook are you tying those on? Good looking bug. Might have to duplicate that on a small jig hook.
I call it and Egg Sucking Damsel.....just a good Lake summer searching pattern...View attachment 205455
Size 14 Daiichi D1760.....3/32 bead...olive marabou, small silver wire....glad you like it....I like to fish it vertical under an indicator.......but that’s just how I always fish....

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