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I call it and Egg Sucking Damsel.....just a good Lake summer searching pattern... View attachment 205455
.......also black
Maybe 12 - 13 years ago I was introduced to the “pumpkin head” by BC guide Bruce Southern. He told me that he was “milking the does” on a local lake and noticed damsel nymphs catching and eating the trout roe. He came up with an orage glass bead head damsel nymph: the pumpkin head.

Your tie with the tungsten bead is a solid improvement.

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I am going to buy an array of stimulators #16...for a S Platte trip in a week...Hoping water levels recede...running 640 cfs now...Stimulators are an all thumbs thing for me...I have tied them but don't enjoy it...tying a bunch of Elk hair Caddis and midges and small nymphs...might put my glasses on and try and find my #20-24 hooks for some tricos...which are a possibility mid July...i have a couple other folks relying on my fly tying and to tell ya the truth I am not that ambitious...but WTH...need to get on it...have a week until we leave...

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