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Tim’s Hopper (variation)

Tim Neal’s neat, old-school, Michigan pattern; comes with a nice video

Changed up the tying sequence a bit - not a fan of naked palmered hackle so I wrapped it front to back and ribbed wire thru the hackle. Change color/size to suit your needs.

hook - Dai Riki 730 #8
thread - UTC 140 cream
rib - x-small wire gold
butt/abdomen - Congo Hair honey mustard
legs - medium rubber cornsnake
hackle - brown (undersize by 2)
wing - elk hair hair
head - deer hair



Glad to see you guys are continuing to tie fantastic flies. I haven't offered anything lately because I'm tying the same old patterns that I use for trout and bass. Not much new from me that convinces a fish to try and eat it.

Keep up the great work!

Norm Frechette


wood pussy

hook - salmon/steelhead style
thread - black
tail - dyed black bucktail
body - silver wire
wing - Dyed black bucktail over white bucktail, angled up to approximately 45 degrees

reference - fishing flies & fly tying - william f blades


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Michigan Stone

A basic Fore-and-Aft with a wing; tied here as a Yellow Sally, added an egg sac. Here’s the video if you’re interested

hook - WFC Model 3 #14 (short shank makes it a wide-gap #16)
thread - Danville 6/0 pale yellow
egg sac - Danville 6/0 fire orange
rear hackle - grizzly (undersize by 2)
body - dubbing pale yellow
wing - deer hair bleached
front hackle - ginger



Betters’ Haystack

Fran Betters’ precursor to the Comparadun and Sparkle Dun.

hook - WFC Model 3 #12
thread - UTC 140 fluoro orange
tail - deer hair
body - Dubbing Australian possum
wing - deer hair


Other than the red head, this compara-dun pattern is our go-to dry fly for fishing the March Brown hatch in Oregon. For whatever reason it seems to work better to imitate the MB duns than much else. Tied with a green body, it also works quite well to imitate the Green Drake duns at the Metolius.

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