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Close Carpet Fly (variation)

Wisconsin tyer George Close’s Comparadun version of the Cap’s Hair Wing, from the early 80’s. Again, subbed stiffer elk for tail/body and used Antron/hare for the thorax (didn’t have any carpet laying around in the proper shade).

hook - Dai Riki 300 #10
thread - UTC 140 brown
tail/body- elk hair
rib - tying thread
wing - deer hair
thorax - dubbing Antron/hare’s ear brown



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Nailed It! ;).....a beer induced mouse pattern.
Pardon my excitement, but my vacation is finally upon me. In two days I’ll be retrieving my flies from the bushes, untying knots in my leaders, and relearning how to properly throw a dry fly on the western MT river where I learned to fly fish a lifetime ago.

I got my kool kid hoodie, an umbrella, and the flies all picked out for the patch on my old school vest. It’s gonna be awesome.


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Topwater coho pattern tied up last night based on the morrish mouse pattern I was fishing on a recent trip. It has a stinger hook with a couple of multi color beads attached. The purpose is to sink the tail a tad to hook the nippers/short strikers that sometimes come after topwater stuff while still getting the visual aspect of a top water follow/strike.

We’ll be able to give it a test soon....



Another random pattern for salmon.....

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A sort of Posse bugger/booby cross. Simple and quick to tie and it works. Thinking this will catch brown's when the fall fishing starts up here in the basin. The Australian Opossum is nice fur. Action somewhat near to marabou, but tougher. The tail doesn't get bitten off after a few fish such as often happens to a wooly bugger.
Hook: Fulling Mills Streamer Stripper #6
Tail: Australian Oppossum
Body: Light bright dubbing
Collar/wing: Australian Oppossum
Head: 1/8" foam cylinder
Eyes: tan and black marker


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Ok, these will probably be the last coho flies for awhile (maybe :)). I have tied up about 10 dozen in a wide variety of styles. Outside of an occasional re-up as needed for lost flies or experimental stuff I find effective, I should be good for salmon in 2019!

Another experimental pattern. I liked the look of these so I tied up 3....





Edit: forgot this guy. Not as confident in this topwater pattern so only tied one :).

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Norm Frechette

after additional research on this pattern, i found better instructions for tying the pontoon hopper

Pontoon Hopper

Hook - Dry fly style
Thread - Color to match
Body - Turkey quill for large hoppers - 1 1/2 inches and up;
goose quills for medium sized hoppers - 3/4 to 1 1/4 inch
Legs/Pontoons - Smaller quills from duck or other small game bird wing feathers
Feelers - Moose mane
Eyes - Black painted eyes
Paint - Main body - Apple green acrylic
Legs/pontoon - Burnt orange acrylic

If you are the creative type, you can paint the body to look like a real hopper.

It certainly is not a very durable fly and I doubt that it would survive to catch a second fish.

Additional Research - Limestone Legends by Norm Shires, Jim Gilford


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