What's in your vise?

Speyrod GB

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Just curious, for those of you who tie all of these flies, what do you do with them all? I can only imagine the amount of fly boxes you have, or do they go into display cases?

Speyrod GB

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i just put steelhead and salmon flies in individual zip lock bags and store then in a plastic shoe box

I'm sure if you put them in a shadow box, or display you could sell them. At the minimum, you could donate them to a fly club for an auction fundraiser.

I love the rat series. I remember first learning about the series in Trey Combs book about steelheading. Keep them coming. I like the "old school" flies.

A rusty rat might be nice, if you're looking for another rat pattern.


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I donate a bunch to Project Healing Waters and other organizations that auction them off for the clubs fundraisers. Some I just pass out to kids on the river. There's been a couple times I've left handfuls on a picnic table in a park or next to a boat ramp and sit back and see who finds them and watch them get all excited.



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Figure if I'm gonna tie tuna flies that probably won't get fished (ready to sacrifice the neighbors cat for good weather this Saturday) then I might as well tie tuna flies for tuna I have next to zero chance of hooking. Let alone landing. Here's a 7" mackerel tied on a 5/0 Daiichi circle hook. Hopefully big enough to get the attention of big but not-over-100# bluefin. Displayed vertically to show an unsaggy profile.


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