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Freddy Fly (variation)

Originated by B.C. Guide Fred Watts; here’s a nice SBS with the fly’s history. I tied mine with more flare in the hair than the original; elk would probably flatten it out a bit.

hook – Dai Riki 730 #6
thread/rib - UTC 140 hot orange
underbody - tying thread
body/head- 2mm foam rust
tail/wing(s) - deer hair
hackle - grizzly dyed orange (1Tbs Rit Sunshine Orange/1 cup water)


Sam Schermer

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IS there a recipe for this one? I know a small lake the pan fish would tear this up.
It's one of my patterns but ill write it up.

Hook: Daicci D2546 #6
Thread: 70D Ultra Thread, White
Body: Mini Flat Braid, Pearl
Wing: UV Minnow Belly, Senyo's Laser Dub White, Ripple Ice Fiber Smolt Blue, and Olive Bucktail
Egg Sack: Glo Bug Yarn, Orange
Head: Holographic Adhesive Eyes, 5/32" Pearl coated with Loon UV Fly Finish Thin
Par Marks: Brown Sharpie

Hope that helps

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