What's in your vise?


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Bighole Demon Muddler

Pick a fly

Make a few changes to the materials, as needed; lather, rinse, repeat.

hook – WFC Model 6 #6
thread - Danville 6/0 black/Danville Flymaster Plus black (head only)
tail - bleached pheasant tail dyed ginger (Mimosa - 4 Tsp Rit Golden Yellow, 1/2 Tsp Rit Camel/4 cups water)
rib - small wire silver
abdomen - tinsel silver
thorax - dubbing black
hackle - ginger
collar - chukar dyed ginger
head - deer hair dyed black



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Denson's Machair Claret (variation)

In his version Mr. Denson subbed French Partridge flank for the original jungle cock tail; since I have neither, chukar will suffice.

hook – WFC Model 6 #8
thread - Danville 6/0 black
tail - chukar
rib - oval tinsel gold
body - dubbing claret
body hackle - claret/black
collar - hen black



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All iterations of a balanced pumpkin leach, with iPhone app filters.
It's more a version of a simiseal leech tied on a jig hook with a slotted bead.

A key element of a balanced pumpkin leech is the color orange, marabou and hackle of which mine has none of those ingredients.

The nuances of stillwater flies can be difficult to decipher... ;)
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Riogrande King

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Hackled Yellow May out of Dick Winter’s vise.

For over half-a-century I’ve been collecting flies from famous tiers, guys who should be more recognized and obscure fishermen who developed effective patterns. This seems like a good place and time to start sharing photos of some of them.

Here is an imitation of the fabled Big Yellow May (Heptagenia limbata) tied by the late Dick Winter of Klamath Falls, Oregon. This big boy is tied on a size-6, 4X long hook.


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