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Care to share some of his thoughts? He looks like a nice guy! View attachment 217492
I don't want to detract from this thread....... keep in mind my chance meeting with Polly was standing on a bridge looking down into the river. I had a spinning rod rigged with a clear plastic "float" and short section of leader and some kind of nymph. That's how I "fly fished" while going to OIT. I remember he looked in my fly box and made a grunt like noise but did recognize a couple of his patterns that I'd bought at the local store. I really don't remember much more (1976?). Now I wonder if those flies I'd bought were tied by Polly?

Riogrande King

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From the vise of Jay Fair, Eagle Lake, California. Randy’s Belly Boat Fly, Hot Orange

Hook: Daiichi 1710, 2XL, size #6
Thread: Danville Black 6/0
Tail and wing: Hot Orange Marabou
Body: Hot Orange Flash Short Shuck, 10 turns
Thorax: Hot Orange Glimmer Long Shuck, 3 turns
Overwing: Orange Angel Hair, 7 strands
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