What's in your vise?


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Denson’s G12 Muddler

hook – WFC Model 6 #6
thread - Danville 6/0 orange, Flymaster Plus black (head only)
tail - woodduck flank over orange yarn
rib - small wire gold
body - dubbing orange
body hackle - Orange
1st shoulder hackle - golden pheasant rump dyed scarlet (3 Tsp Rit Scarlet, 2 Tsp Rit Golden Yellow/4 cups water)
2nd shoulder hackle - woodduck flank
head - deer hair dyed chocolate brown


Riogrande King

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From the vise of Bill Schiess, Rexburg, Idaho. California Leech
Bill’s Fishing Henry’s Lake, 1997:

Hook: Dai-Riki 710 3XL or 700 4XL, sizes 6-12
Thread: Flymaster Plus, Tobacco Brown
Tail: Rust Marabou with four strands of Copper Crystal Flash
Body: Rusty Brown dubbing mixed with Copper and River Green Lite Brite
Overwing: Four strands of Light Olive Crystal Flash

California Leech - 1.jpg
Bill, “If I could use only one fly on a lake this would be the fly.”


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Dessie Paul’s Mayfly

Found this on the interweb. The Rit does a decent job of golden olive in lower concentrations.

hook – WFC Model 6 #8
thread - Danville 6/0 pale olive
tail - pheasant tail
rib(s) - Danville Depth Ray fire orange/oval tinsel gold
body - dubbing olive
body hackle - olive
1st shoulder hackle - chukar dyed golden olive (1 Tbs Rit Neon Yellow/4 cups water)
2nd shoulder hackle - pheasant church window feather dyed golden olive


Riogrande King

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From the vise of Hank Pennington, Chiniak, Alaska, his HPG

HPG - 1.jpg
Hook: Pictured is Daiichi 2141, size 2
Bead: Gold
Tail: Kelly green Marabou
Flash: Holographic green
Rib: Gold oval tinsel
Body: Kelly green chenille
Hackle: Kelly green, palmered

The Hank Pennington Green is an extremely effective fly for silver salmon.

Adam Saarinen

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sketch-1575563124157.pngsketch-1575563142519.pngsketch-1575563168628.pngsketch-1575563209064.pngTied this yesturday, first pike fly on a tube. Think i might like this tube idea. It has a Fulling Mill pike hook#6 strung up, but i made the bite tippet too long. Also has 2 rattles under a big plastic head, should get down quick! It's getting a swim tomorrow in a new place i found. Excited!

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