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I believe they may have changed the formula on the plastic or maybe they offer two different types?
The first ones I ordered were a very hard plastic, which I broke a few of.
I order some quite a bit later then the first batch and they were almost rubbery feeling and not hard plastic like the first batch.
It does explain the difference in the packaging Brian. IMG_20191213_205602.jpg


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Thunder and Lightning Dabbler (variant)

Since I hate tying floss bodies, and don’t tie them well, I cheated.

hook – WFC Model 6 #8
thread - Danville 6/0 black
tag - Danville Depth Ray fire orange
tail - bronze mallard
rib - small wire gold
body - tinsel holo black
body hackle - orange
collar hackle - hen grizzly dyed Silver Doctor Blue (2 packs Koolaid Ice Blue Raspberry/1 cup water)
cloak - bronze mallard


Riogrande King

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From the vise of “Buz” Buszek, Visalia, California. Howell’s Mayfly Nymph, Blue Dun

Hook: Standard dry. Pictured is a Mustad 94840 size 16.
Tail: Blue dun hackle fibers
Body: Peacock eye quill, stripped and varnished
Thorax: Blue dun hackle wrapped tightly then clipped to form a rounded thorax. Leave a few hackle barbules extended out from each side for legs

Note that the hackle is dyed. Back in the day nobody would have used a precious natural dun hackle on a nymph.

Howell's mayfly nymph - 1.jpg

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