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Nice Lou!

Here is one I played with tonight.
Ahrex SA 280 hook, 1” Firehole Sticks Shank, Spawnfish Fly 60° degree shank.
I palmered polar chenille at the end of the first two sections to try and conceal the segments.
This one still needs some works but should wiggle pretty good.

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That's cool Brian, looks like it could also be dredge along the bottom like a worm with the hook up more or less.

Riogrande King

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Fly on the left is a favorite of Chuck Keegan’s. A Red Beadhead from one of Missoula’s four fly shops.

I have a box of flies that I’ve removed from fish. Don’t remember where the mangled version came from, but it’s proof that the little pattern works.

Hook: Size 18 ringeye
Bead: 5/64”gold
Tail: Brown zelon stub
Body: Red thread
Rib: Finest silver wire
Thorax: Peacock
Wing: Hungarian partridge, tied on top
beadhead - 1.jpeg


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Pinched barb Mustad C49S #16 with a 5/64 black tungsten bead. Wrapped with Togens Chirony Skin in Blue Steel, overwrappwd with Dun coloured Fly Tyer's Dungeon Crystal Web and ribbed with UTC X-small red wire. Tied with Uni 8/0 in black. Not really grooving on the beads with the little eye-like bulges but I want to use them up. 20200126_120755.jpg

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