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From the vise of Bill Ruediger, Missoula. Bill’s Coppery Chironomid

Hook: (Photo taken directly from a fishing trip) size-12 scud
Bead: Black, 1/8” brass on pictured fly
Tail: single strand Bronze Crystal Flash
Body: Montana Fly Company Midge Body Thread, color 740 Rust
Rib: Red wire
Thorax: Peacock herl

Metallic embroidery threads are terrific for fly tying. MFC imports several great 230-denier colors from Italy. Canada Llama carries Glitter Thread in many colours. Lots of options out there. The rust color fishes great mid-summer on. MFC color 700- Rainbow pretty much covers every early dark chironomid.
Coppery chironomid - 1.jpeg

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