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Riogrande King

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From the vise of Frank Johnson, Sheridan, WY, his PMD Student

Frank emphasizes to not worry about floatability: the Student is NOT a sparkle dun.
Student - 1.jpeg

Hook: Size 14
Thread: Orange Danville’s Monocord
Tails: Yellow antron. Length is twice the distance from hook point to the end of bend
Body: Tying thread
Thorax: Yellow/orange dubbing
Wing: Tan CDC, tied on top of the shank. No more than 1/3 the amount of fibers in a typical sparkle dun. Length is the distance from the tie in point to bend of the hook

Riogrande King

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From the vise of Dick Winters from Klamath Falls, Oregon, his Isonychia velma nymph.

Iso - 1.jpeg

Hook: Size 6 Dai-Riki Model 270
Thread: Brown
Tails: Pheasant tail fibers
Ribbing: Fine gold wire
Abdomen: Creamy yellow yarn
Thorax: Tan yarn
Covert: Mottled turkey quill
Wing case: Pheasant tail fibers
Legs: Six fibers from the wing case on each side, about ½” long
Gills: Purplish marabou, tied on top, left loose for maximum action

Randall Clark

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I kinda stole this design from Gunnar Brammer's Con Man. The beauty of this pattern is that it can be tied in bluegill colors to sculpin colors & shape. You can shape depending on how you tie in the farrar (and trim it) and how you tie in the rabbit on top. Of course, I couldn't find any eyes except musky sized eyes, so sharpie will have to do until I get ahold of some smaller eyes...


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