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Lots of cool flies being posted lately using jig hooks and shanks and it peaked my interest. I love to experiment so here is my first try. This represents nothing but feels fishy enough. I imagine it will work if the fish can be found. To be tried on a beach somewhere soon.

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That looks good.
Just one suggestion. Tie the next one with the hook point up and see what gives you the best hookup rate.

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another smaller bull trout changer style streamer. I'm always torn about eyes. I do think that predators often key into them, but on the other hand I don't like what they do to the action of certain flies. I like my bull trout flies to kick on the pause much like my musky flies and often feel that is the trigger. With eyes, they never seem to kick as easily...



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After playing with different material combos, I think I found a great recipe to give the best profile wet.
hook-Mustad 3665A (sz2 and 4’s shown)
Body- floss with tinsel rib
Belly/ throat-bucktail and EP fibers
Gills-red ice dub
Wing- EP fibers over synthetic yak hair over bucktail with grizzly hackle
Head- UV epoxy over eyes of choice B30760E5-0D93-43C4-81A0-9E1DCEEFF11E.jpeg
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I guess that will be the case for me also, but the fun for me is tying flies for a new species and hopefully one of mine works. The good thing is my son lives there and I will take him out there and see if he likes the experience. He has fished for trout, steelhead and rockfish and if I can get him interested in this fishery it will be a shared fishing experience for both of us and an excuse for me to come visit more often. I will leave the flies and a rod and reel for him to use if he gets the redfish bug and I have two maybe three days to fish which I now how I am I will play around with different stuff.

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