What's in your vise?


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This is my first crayfish attempt. I can't seem to get the pinchers flat, they roll vertical, but working on it. Should good, convex side go up or down? Thinking swimming and what fish see. I see tails forward on flies, but in reality aren't they down when swimming?
Same concept top and bottom


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Foamhead Carnage Hopper

Head-on, it reminds me of Eugene the Jeep from Popeye. If you’re fishing for west slopes on the east slope in MT, you may want some in this color; browns like them, too.

hook - WFC Model 28 #10
thread - UTC 140 fluoro pink
core - 8lb mono
underbody - elk hair
body/head - 1mm foam pink
wing - deer hair
legs - medium rubber grey
indicator - 1mm foam orange


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I really like that hopper. A SBS would be really nice @ScottP. I still have several hoppers left over from last year, however a few more won't hurt for this year.


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Was finally able to source some Pacchiarini clips for changing tails.
I sure like them a lot more then the other types of clips I’ve tried for changing tails.
Hoping things settle down in the future for a possible trip to Minnesota for some smallies.
Just messing around with some possible tail options.

8B48EB16-8D75-4AAC-9287-2FA7BBFA7AD9.jpeg 6B70ABB4-6006-4484-9E80-17CD67F6C00F.jpeg 4B186A8D-685C-4979-83D0-4DFC1E01B336.jpeg 80408444-B911-4385-9214-3EA612DA02D4.jpeg D5D43CD9-6419-4369-96ED-28AEC62EC0F1.jpeg

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