What's in your vise?

Jamie Wilson

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Will probably use it for both.
Not really happy with how it looks where the tail is tied in. Too much thread showing in my opinion
Might tie it forward then fold it back on the next on to make it cleaner looking.
I watched a short video and the dude used estaz.
Looped it tied in the ends and twisted the loop
It was pretty cool
I tried it but fucked it up

Randall Clark

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Intruder style. Some EP fibers in there. Those long ones are a bit messy. Not sure where/when I will fish it but fun to tie View attachment 232020

They only look messy while dry....I'll bet that thing swims really damn nice.

but I guess that's why they say that "hunting dogs" are a little different than "show dogs"...personally, I have no use for "show dogs"...
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Norm Frechette


Yellow Bucktail Hairwing

Hook – Streamer style
Thread - Yellow
Body – Flat gold tinsel
Ribbing - Silver wire
Throat - Yellow marabou
Wing - Yellow bucktail over yellow marabou
Head - Yellow and black thread

The black band of thread on the head is called for in the original recipe otherwise I would not use it

Traditionally used by Carrie Stevens on her fly patterns.
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