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Grunter (synth wing)

A neat Jingler emerger; swapped out the CDC wing for poly yarn since I have lots of the latter and less of the former. Found it on the Blue Ribbon site; Davie McPhail has a nice video.

hook - WFC Model 3 #12
thread - Danville 6/0 black
tag - holo tinsel red
body - dubbin g hare’s ear
hackle - brown
collar - partridge
wing - Congo Hair grey


Randall Clark

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A friend of a friend emailed me yesterday asking if I would tie him some of my crappy flies. I immediately took umbrage at his description of my flies and contacted him to clarify. Of course, he wanted Crappie flies.
Note: The marabou tail and bucktail wing are white. Their UV treatment causes them to show pink in the camera/lighting.
CRAPPIE CANDY. Probably would work great on SRC. Sort of a Clouser style.
The middle fly is a Woods Bucktail.

View attachment 232397
Found a temporary source of bead chain eyes. :) View attachment 232398
"honey, how do you turn on this lamp?"


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Hey tackleman,
I spotted this pattern on instagram and asked myself the same question and it dawned on me that whom ever came up with this tye was using deer hair in a dubbing loop and pulling in over the back. Well my first tye turned out like something a cat would cough up. Decided to google goddard variant and I was close. You tie a stick of foam at the tail and wrap the dubbing loop of deer hair around the foam parachute style. Dub the body and pull the parachuted post over the top of the flie and trim accordingly. Hope that helps this fly was definitely a challenge which I enjoy.


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Looks to me to be a cross between a Goddard and Sedgehog Caddis

I dig that orange one!!
The brown one was originally supposed to be a peacock bodied but I guessed wrong on the technique and had to start over. Now to try tying it in smaller sizes and not crowd the eye.

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