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Its probably a bit early in the year for this swap, but I don't care. I'm in the mood to tie up some rough water freestone creek dry flies. Most of us probably have 1 or 2 favorite small rivers/creeks/streams that we like to think of as "ours". You know the type I'm talking about. These are pocket water streams. The fish aren't huge but are just the right size for the environment in which they live. They most likely are descendants of past stockers, but for all intensive purposes are now wild. There may not be a fish in every pocket, but there are enough of them to keep you entertained for an afternoon. These aren't highly technical waters, typically, all you need is a fly that rides high and stays dry. I love these waters and have a handful that I was introduced to as a kid by my father, as he was by his father, and I'm now doing for my kids.

This is what this swap is about. High floating dry flies that stay afloat in rough free flowing streams. I'm thinking of 11 tiers, 2 flies each. Each tier provides 20 flies. You can do 20 of the same pattern or (10) of 2 different patterns. Your choice.

We'll go a due date of about 5 weeks from when we have enough participants.

Anyone up for this?

I'll start with my Foam Humpy.

1) TD - Foam Humpy
2) Craig Hardt - Twisted Trude
3) TE - March Brown & Hopper
4) Travis Bille
5) John Gates - Beetle Bug & bi visible
6) jersey
7) Matt Baerwalde
8) Chad Lewis
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Dropping out after looking at my schedule ahead. I will see how fast this fills up and decide yay or nay. Gonna be a fun swap, thanks for hosting TD.
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john gates

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I would like to participate, my flies the beetle bug and a bi visible I will take suggestions on size and bi visible dress Colors.


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What do you folks think? Should we give it more time? I was hoping for 5 more tiers. We could still do it with 6 of us. Everyone would tie 10 flies then.


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Ok, It sounds like 10 flies is agreeable. I'm not closing the swap in case we get some late comers. Due date will be March 27th. I'll be sending out a PM with mailing info shortly. Again, this swap is still open to others if they decide to join in.

Matt B

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Just now seeing this. If you'll have me, I'm in with a "secret" stimmy and a parachute cripple.


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Hi Matt- I'm good with you joining in. We aren't too far into this yet, so as long as you can get your flies in by March 27, it's all good.

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