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Chad Lewis

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Thanks. I was gonna tie a clipped deer hair bodied Stimulator but last time I did that I was disappointed in how well they floated. Go figure. So this time I used foam. The other pattern, Garcia's Mini Hot, is a new one for me. Was looking for a second fly for the swap and found it on Charlie's Fly Box. Gonna give it a go this year and see what happens.
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john gates

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I mussed the adress to mail to. My bi visible and beetle bugs need to ship out. Thanks all beautys.


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Just about have everyone's flies. As soon as I have all the flies, I'll post photos.

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Gotta love the pteronarcys.
I'll most likely be receiving mine tomorrow. I'm going to drift fish the Rogue on Sunday, so I'll try to catch fish on your guys swap flies if I receive them in time:)


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Agreed. Everyone put out some really nice flies in this swap. I still need to sit down and get the photos done and uploaded.

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