WFF Hats, stickers, pins

I will be (unless things are ugly, of course) ordering the following (multiple choice okay)

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Chris Scoones

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Hi guys,

Buried in discussion on another thread was a status that I'm in process of ordering hats, stickers & label pins. It's quite the PITA given I'm so anal about the look, but I think the result will be exceptional.

The hats logo is being done over sees, as I wanted fine detail 3D color rubber patches that will be attached by velcro. When I say 3D, the black lines of the fish will be raised and rounded considerably enough to pop. Depending on the hat style the WFF text will be included in the patch (single haul hat) or done separately under the patch by way of embroidery (tarpon trucker), and in that case the patch is like what's shown below just minus the WFF text.

The first run of hats will be Simms single haul (tan color), Simms trucker (fractal camo nighfall color), Simms trucker (boulder color - added this hat after my initial post, fyi)

Edit: patches are done. I think they turned out awesome.
IMG_1877.JPG IMG_1874.JPG
single-haul1.jpg tarpon-trucker2.jpg

Stickers will be 6" x 3" white vinyl 5 color silkscreen. Very nice quality stickers. The image is my first attempt, which I don't like. Re-doing them.
WFF Rectangle Sticker 6x3.jpg

Label pins will be 1.5" or 2" wide, hard enamel with good coloring and high polished metal for the edges, WFF text & logo eye frame. Checking with the first group of guys on width preference.

No idea on cost, for any of it. Ordering 20 of something, compared to 500 of something, obviously has a large difference in cost. The hats won't be cheap. The stickers will be, of course. No idea on the label pins.

What I'm posting up about here isn't just a heads up that things are progressing and should be available before long, but also an attempt to gauge the interest so I know how much to order. If you WILL be making an order, choose the item on the Poll included on this thread. It doesn't mean you have ordered it, but gives me a good idea on initial numbers.


Chris @ WFF
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Old Man

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Are they stickers or decals. I have the decal on my camper cover back window. I have two of the Caps in tan and blue. Also the stocking caps in Brown and blue. I have the patch that Roper had done up but for the life of me I misplaced it Someplace where I don't remember.


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Pin for me... if you ever need to do coffee cups, beer mugs etc. let me know, I play with dye sublimation for my Crunching team (we use our computers to find cures, answers, prime numbers you name it for science). I do the award plaques and have the equipment to do mugs, license plates, can coozies etc. Cost would be pass through so no profit motivation for me.

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