WFF Hats, stickers, pins

I will be (unless things are ugly, of course) ordering the following (multiple choice okay)

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Chris Scoones

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You know what they say...
Huge head = Huge head.:rolleyes:
Your over-sized melon has been kept in mind. (we have the same hat/head size) I will have a cap size to fit you. Unfortunately the last style I used shrunk in production size so it'll have to be something else. But that's the plus to working with these patches. Besides looking better I don't have to mess with embroidery color variations, which equates to being able to carry quite a few different colors and styles to suite others needs and preferences.


Saved by the buoyancy of citrus
Overseas, travelling the world. is rough.
Poor fella, Keep your status and keep exploring the planet. Lucky cat!
We're back stateside, but yeah, I'm not complaining! Just upset that everybody keeps expecting me to give them money for products and services. What's up with that?

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