WFF Hats, stickers, pins

I will be (unless things are ugly, of course) ordering the following (multiple choice okay)

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Scott Salzer

previously micro brew
I fished this past week with a couple of others that still have their wff hats. I knew that I had one that retired to the hat rack. Looked for it today. Found it, pretty sad - discolored, some tears - from extensive use. Sure be nice to have a new one, I'm in.

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I have an old tattered-up, stained WFF hat. I made it waterproof by rubbing Filson wax into it like one would do with their Tin Cloth products. It works pretty we'll actually. The hat, still looks really beat up and would be info a new one too. I'd be in for 2 hats actually.
Btw, this thread is super old.

Old Man

Just an Old Man
Over the years I have got Hats, Stocking Caps, and decals from Chris. I wear my stocking cap in the winter time. Keeps my ears warm. The sticker is on the back window of my pick-me-up. Where my hat is now is anybodies guess. I just wear the caps that say "OLD MAN" on them now.

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