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Looking for volunteers to help out with the event. I’ll be taking the ‘Event Organizer’ lead role by default, and I’ll also fill in any gaps once this all settles out.

We need one lead per ‘role’ noted below. Each ‘role’ my require additional help. Once the leads have signed up, that person will decide how much help he\she will need, and work on filling those slots. Leads need to coordinate with me (event organizer) for high level ‘plan’ and expectations, and need approval on estimated expenses to be sure our ‘cover’ charge will be adequate (don’t want to leave anyone hanging with a bill we can’t cover…).

Many of you have already offered your assistance – here’s where you make it ‘official’ 

Thanks in advance for your help!!


Event Organizer (manage venue, coordinate headcount\expenses and other details with event team)

Food (Organize menu, buying\preparing food, refreshments, condiments, paper plates, utensils, etc)

Setup\Takedown (arrive early to setup tables, BBQs, etc)

Drawing\Donation collection (Collect donated items for drawing, collect entry fee\donations for participants, conduct drawing)

Demos (Organize Demos. Work with participants\vendors\etc for gear to be demo’d)

River Cleanup (Provide supplies\bags, truck, disposal, etc)

Other jobs??


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I'll be sending out a more formal headcount request next week. Last I checked, the list of guys that were pretty sure they would be able to make is noted below. I may have missed a few, and others may have dropped out - either way, just let me know.

Many of you volunteered to help in various ways. Let me know if those offers still stand - even if you don't want to 'own' that area, but just want to lend a hand.

Michael Chunn
Chris Scoones
Bert Kinghorn
Dylan DePaulo
Wet Line
2 Much Fishin
Mike Margolies
Big K1
Flyer Kappy
Bright Rivers
Desmond Wiles


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Not able to attend


It looks like I am not going to make it this time. I ended up having to take a contracting job in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I am bummed. It doesn't even look like they have any decent trout fishing in the area. I am happy that I was able to find some work but I was really looking forward to attending and meeting everyone. It looks like it is going to be a great event. I hope it all goes well and look forward to meeting up many of you next year when I return.

Happy Fishing!



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Time is still TBD. Looking for ideas if you have them. We could do morning fishing, with a noonish BBQ. But I was thinking of starting at my place around noon, and fishing the afternoon\evening bite.

I think I have my schedule for work figured out for next week. I would be more than happy to either help or run the set up and take down part of things. You certainly don't want me to run the cooking side of the equation LOL!

I have some big plastic tarps and if need be I can make some temporary type tables. It looks like a 2 person job to me.

I would like to add a thing or two here. What about it Roper are you going to show and bring some patches? Mc Rowdy and Backyard you are mainstays are you going to show up? Mr. Lawless I know it is a ways for you to come for the day but it would be nice to see you! Heck you can camp out at my place and then head back home in the morning, I would be honored! How about it JAWS it is a 2 hour drive, well a little more but not much, heck you can camp out at my place too if you want. I don't know if the world is ready for some Lawless Jaws but I will buy the GOOD scoth and we will find out! And if Jerry, aka steelheader 69 would show up we could probably change the world!


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For a grouchy old man you sure want a lot. You keep up all of this talk about some good scotch and I will be likely to show up just to drink it. And I was just looking at the wifes schedule. It looks like I can make a appearence just as long as I can get out of there by 3:00 PM.


C Van

coming soon to a stream near you
the way the day looks like for me has morning meeting in vancouver,bc and i could maybe make an afternoon event, i will gladly help with anything if i come but I am not 100% sure I can make it, so I will have to pass on signing up to lead and group, If old man's scotch drinking is a group sign me up twice :thumb: :beer1: :beer1:


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I can arrange to get a couple one ton dump bed trucks with high sides. Hold about 20 cubic yards of rubish each. I also have good contacts with Rabanco for disposal.

Let me know

Ross, that is one heck of an offer! I was expecting to see you offering the services of that portable BBQ machine you built. That is really cool!

And seeing I am too lazy to walk up the hill, is the drift boat finished? For those who don't know, Ross lives about 75 yards from me. But it is a tough walk uphill! LOL If I buy the boat can I store it at your place? The man builds an awesom drift boat! They are almost too pretty to use!



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Fortunatly I am a better boat builder than BBQ builder, as the BBQ (1400lbs) design is flawed and will have to be revamped this winter. It doesn't draft the way I would of hoped. Jeez- Already booking more projects than fishing time. There must be something wrong with me.

DB 4 is complete, except I still need to weld up the anchor. I've been ignoring my wife for some weeks lately so I have to spend some quality time with Deb, before the maiden voyage.


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I'll definitely be there and can help out with the setup or takedown. I can also bring a cooler, ice, and will have a large rain canopy in my truck that we can use if the weather doesn't cooperate.

Bill :thumb:


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Awesome guys!

So Dave is our setup\take down cheif. Thanks Dave! Maybe you and FlyBill can show up around 11am and get things rolling.

So all it took to get Old Man at this event was to promise some Scotch??

Dave\Ross - since we'll be fishing \ picking up trash in the afternoon\evening, and probably not coming back together as a group - would the big trash truck idea still work? I was thinking each person could just deal with his own bag. But I guess if someone finds a real serious mess to clean, the truck would be ideal.

What about having the truck parked in a somewhat central location (central to the forks - including the mainstem. Maybe the the town of Snoqualmie? That way as each person\group\team finishes fishing, they could drop off their trash bags at the truck. Would something like that work?

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