Swap 3 Slots still open in the Marathon Swap

The Intermediate/Beginners Marathon Swap still has three openings.

The flies and due dates are:

Dries - October 31st
Wets - November 30th
Streamers - January 31st
Terrestrials - February 28th
Nymphs - March 31st.
Emergers/Cripples - April 30th.

This is a great way to help keep the shacknasties at bay and fill your fly boxes for next season.

If interested sign up here or send me an e-mail or PM.

Total flies to be tied will be 15 if the swap fills completely.

Ron Eagle Elk

My apologies to the moderator. I didn't even see the new Swaps section until it was too late. If I knew how to delete this thread or move it, I would .
marathon fly swap

I would like to be involved in this swap, it will be my first. I have been hanging around the board long enough to know the consequences for not following through so I am ready to participate. ;) i will send you an email.
Jesse Clark
One more

Greetins Ron,

My good friend Doug Patterson, aka Lefty Loops, is having compuer grief at this moment but would love to join the swap. I vouch for him.

Thanks Ron,
LeakyTiki :beer2:
Hello Ron,

I hope that 15th slot is still open. I'm a long-time lurker but just registered in hopes of participating. If not, I'll stand by for a possible opening. I'll send you an email.

Sawp is Filled

The Marathon Swap is now filled with the addition of Jesse James, Doug Patterson (AKA Lefty Loops) and Bob Ellis filling up our last three slots. Glad to have you aboard. You can find more particulars about the swap under the Marathon Swap thread on this board.

I'll be dropping everyone an e-mail shortly.


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