leech lake

went up to leech and the gate was closed. any info on it? any hotline available? wash-lakes.com didnt have anything and said it was open year round. when it opens any good flies you had good luck with. please share, most appreciated.

Caddisaction :DUNNO
I was up there on Sunday and the gate was open. I fished from 8 - 1 with 8 EB brought to hand between 8-13". The wind was blowing and it kept the surface roiled, so I stayed down deep (relatively speaking). I had most of my luck on a #10 black Marbou Leech fished on a clear intermediate line. The longer I let the fly sink, the higher the results. Keep it moving slow. There were some midges hatching throughout the day and I didn't see any damsels yet, but then again the ice has only been off for about 2 weeks.

There were six other boats on the water and a few were getting some action, although I never did stop to ask the technique being used. It did appear that the guys catching fish were all using some sort of sinking line.

Good Luck! Keep me posted on how you do.

hey thx alot for the info. Ill tell you how i do, going up there maybe friday, we'll see.

~may all fish meet you someday!!~

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Trevor Hutton
I went up there in oct of last year and got a couple on Brown caddis. I am thinking about heading up within the next week or so and see what I can do. (I was just wondering earlier today if it was iced off, then I read this...wierd)Do you guys fish dog lake ever? never tried it but heard the rockslide bank can be good-plus it is closer to Yakima, where I am from. Theres my 2 cents. - Trevor :BIGSMILE
any favorites on this lake. Caddis or??? couldnt go that friday but going up thurs. 21st. local shops tell me a couple but want to be armed never fished before. thx for info if any?

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