Post here if you plan on attending the Nov 11-14 WFF / AEG Party on the Cowlitz

Chris Scoones

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For organizational purposes it's time to get a head count on this party so that the necessary campground arrangements can be made, kegs planned for, showing arrangements, ect...

Please reply to this thread ONLY if you plan on attending. Save any questions on the event for the other thread.

Current count: 69
Attending + guests (days):

Chris Scoones + 2 (4), Worldanglr + 6 (4), Crump (12-14th), ibn (4), flybill (4), Matt Burke (12th), Old man (4), hikepat (4), Tightline (4), Miller (4), Bart + 1 (12-14th), alpinetrout (12-14th), Oneweight + 2 (12-14th), jab Seattle + 1 (12-14th), andrew + 1 (12-14th), Curtis Warren (12-14th), Jason (12-14th), Whitey (12-14th), MacRowdy (4), Skinny (2), Riverdog (4), FlyShopKristin + 1 (12th - 14th), Dblhaul (4), topflight121 (12-14th), Stokes (4), Mike Colagrossi (4), XtremeAngler + 1 ( ), troutman101 (4), Bob Triggs (4), bhudda + 1 (13-14th), Korkers crew of 4 (4), halcyon (4), Backyard (4), Nailknot (?), Nomlasder (13th), xcaddis (2), jbrodie (4), IrishMac10 (4), skycries57 (12th-13th), Islander (4), agent montana + 2 (11-13th), Jerry Daschofsky + 3 (3), Jim Wallace (2), Teeg Stouffer (12-14th), Aaron_Dupee (11-13th)


yes - 4 days

EDIT: Sadly I'm going to have to withdraw, had a nasty back injury that's keeping me from doing anything as of late.


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Yes - planning on 4 days - just me for now.

Can't wait, since I haven't been able to get out and fish much recently. :beer2:
Yes, four days. Well, I have to think about the drive by shooting...Oh what the hell, it's time I was called up yonder anyway. :beer1:

Old Man

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I don't know if I can go four days without a shower. I guess that I just can't answer this with a few words. Three days and leave on the forth day.



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I'm planning to be there unless the celebrity guests don't pan out. A party without celebrity guests is just lame...

Probably just Fri-Sun for me

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