Cleaning out the rod closet - PRICE REDUCIONS

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Kent Lufkin

Remember when you could remember everything?
This morning brings good news, bad news, and good news for you. The good news is that I won an eBay auction for a rare and desirable bamboo rod. The bad news is that it cost far more than most sane people would have spent. The good news for you is I really need to sell this stuff to help pay for it so I'm reducing prices.

1. Loomis Trilogy 7wt 10ft 3-piece. Beautiful deep green blank with full Wells grip, maple burl reel seat and fixed fighting butt. Great summer steelhead or small salmon rod. Lifetime warranty. Brand-new and unfished. SOLD

2. Loomis GL3 3wt 8ft 2-piece. Cast this rocket with your eyes closed and you'll swear it's a short 5wt. Charcoal blank with single-foot guides, cork reel seat spacer, cordura tube. Lifetime warranty. NOW $150

3. Orvis Silver Label 2wt 7' 9" 2-piece. Full-flex action is perfect for small streams and beaver ponds, makes little RBs and brookies feel like steelhead. Cordura tube. Lifetime warranty. NOW $100

4. Custom 6wt 9' 2-piece, built on a Talon Cairnton blank. Huh, you ask, what's a Cairnton? Suspend your skepticism until you cast an entire line with this rocket. Perfect for big water trout or small steelhead/salmon. NOW $95

5. Northern GX 6/7wt 9ft 2-piece. Great starter or backup rod. NOW $35

6. Browning/Martin reel, adjustable click drag, extra spool, backing, no lines. NOW $15

7. Orvis Rocky Mountain 7/8 cassette reel, disc drag. Beautiful dark green finish, unfished, cordura case. NOW $35 SALE PENDING

8. Redington AL 7/8 large arbor reel, black, disc drag, cordura case. NOW $90

9. Redington AL 7/8 extra spools, black, with cordura case, three available NOW $30 each

10. Airflo multi-tip line, 8wt, barely used. NOW $70

11. Orvis Wonderlines, WF2F (SOLD), WF8F, WF8I, SA Ultra IV WF3F (SOLD), AirFlo WF5 clear intermediate. $20 each

12. SA WF8S Density-compensated Type IV sinking. NOW $25

All items are available in Redmond-Bellevue area. No reasonable offers refused. Cash only, no trades. Shipping available at additional cost for out of area buyers, email or PM me for terms.


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cleaning out the closet

hey kent,
i can see why you didn't have space for the Montague. i may be interested in your WF8I line. how used is it? would you trade it for a 6wt Cortland camo intermediate sink or an 11wt Mastery series tarpon taper (that's never seen the water). let me know. thanks,

Richard E

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Buy the Multi-Tip line, you 8 weight folks

I have no vested interest in this, but . . .

the Airflo Multi-tip line is a great line; I have 3 multi-tip lines. It gives you four different line options with one line, which means you can do that with only one spool (hey, look at the money saved by not having to buy 3 extra spools!). Beach fishing, lake fishing, river fishing, the line will do it all. Making additional heads just add to the options (I used mine the last two weekends while fishing at Sekiu and Neah Bay with another longer shooting head I made for the line - it worked great!).

If I didn't already have one of these lines, I'd buy it.

"Listen to me now and believe me later . . . " :thumb:

Kent Lufkin

Remember when you could remember everything?

The AirFlo is in excellent condition and has been used just 3 or 4 times in the past three years. Richard's right, it IS a great line. But as y'all probably know, I just don't fish for salmon or steelhead anymore, so I'd rather it went to someone who does and thus convert the proceeds into something I want. So unless you've got a Hardy Palakona Marvel 7'6" 3/2 4wt you want to trade, I pefer cash :-D

Thanks for understanding,

Trilogy 7wt. 10ft.

I will give you $175.00 for the rod in cash and I would meet you at a location of your choice. I live sixty miles north of Seattle. Let me know if you will take my offer ASAP.
kent, i will definitely buy that 7/8 orvis reel and some line as well. im hoping to get it by thursday for my trip to the grand ronde. hopefully i can get a hold of you by then. im emailing you my phone #. thanks-ryan
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