First Fish On The New Burkie

This is crazy, I just searched for info on that rod and you posted this half an hour ago. Other than an awesome fish, what do you think? I take it the Wa was a 45? Not much info on it, but my 7127 is too light for a lot of my work, but I like the length.


I really like it and you're correct on the line. Need to find a mid belly I can use with it also. If you're looking for a good winter rod that'll toss the heavy stuff, this is it. Did a lot of homework before I bought it.


No, I wasn't out in the boat trolling. Hooked it off the end of the dock and had to jump in to get back to shore for the photo op.


Indi "Ira" Jones
You know that you are supposed to keep wild non adipose fin clipped steelhead in the water at all times, just saying.

What a beast!
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