(NFR) fishing show drinking game


I gave this a test drive, and the fact that I'm posting it is proof that it works if you watch fishing shows often enough. :beer1:

I'll start, feel free to add any...

Shoulders       -       any time this is used to describe the fish
                        example: "This fish's got some shoulders!"
                        cost: 1 drink

explosive take  -       Any combination of the two words.
                        example: "The takes are explosive"
                        cost: 1 drink

kissing of fish -       any time an angler kisses a fish
                        you kiss the bottle.
                        cost: 2 drinks

Italo Labignan  -       Whenever you hear this Canadian Sportfishing
                        host's name, take a drink.
                        cost: 2 drinks, 1 drink if just his first name

Larry Czonka    -       Every now and then North to Alaska's Larry Czonka
kills a fish            will really pack the freezer, not only will he
AND an animal           kill some fish in Alaska, but he will kill an
in the same show        animal all in the same show if you're lucky.
                        cost: 4 drinks

Jose Wejebe     -       Can this guy wear any tighter pants?  Not to
hosts a show            mention most of his shows are in the tropics.
in shorts               If you catch him in shorts, drink up!
                        cost: 4 drinks
-I :beer2:
How about 2 drinks if fighting the fish takes less than 30 seconds. Tack on 1 more drink if the fish makes it into the boat by means of air travel.

Jerry Daschofsky

Staff member
LOL. I think I'd watch the bass shows JUST to play the game. LOL. But normally, I won't watch them. And rarely ever watch the canadian one unless it's showing salmon or steelhead fishing. Usually they're fishing walleye or muskie half the time. But Csonka, I'll watch that. LOL. Actually, I must've been lucky. Most of the shows I've seen are of him C&R fish. But hunting, I get jazzed off that aspect. Love to hunt, so love watching him out there. Only difference, I like to stalk mine. I'm sure alot of his are setup for him.

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