Yakima River Above Horn Rapids... and Lower

I fished the lower Yak today. I didn't actually see much catching. Maybe it's the moon :\.
I caught a good sized smallmouth (broke the "ice" for the season :)). But only the one. :\

The bank spots that are known to be good are shoulder to shoulder :(. And it's TUESDAY! :mad:
I've been fishing the lower Yakima River some, but have not yet caught anything on the fly. Still trying and experimenting. I did lower myself to spin fishing some also and have caught two smallmouth at one spot on the lower Yak. Here's a pic of the small one from yesterday:

Swing a white crystal bugger in a size 8 or 6 3 Xl deep and slow with occasional quich strips. If that does not work try black...anywhere from bento city down has been producing for me...
Swung a chartreuse crystal bugger in a spot on the Lower Yak that I thought would produce at least one today, but no. :(

Will try black next time and something else.

Getting casting practice at least.
It was really windy so I took spin gear to my best spot on the lower Yak yesterday and caught many small Bass. Here's a pic of one. With this producing spot (albeit "micro" Bass) selected, and what I think is the right fly and line set-up, I hope to get into some Bass on the fly very soon. I'm going to start with either an olive Meat Whistle, or a brown Jaw Breaker on a 5wt type 3 15-ft sink tip, on my St. Croix Imperial.

Shoot! I caught nothing flyfishing at the same spot. :( Got a nice rise fish flash and hit on the first cast into the "sweetspot" from the bank with an olive Meat whistle. Almost a top water action. But things "cooled off" significantly after that. One small one grabed the fly near take out, but off. But otherwise not much action, although I believe fish were there. My best guess is they don't like the flys as much as the scented plastic curly tail grubs I was getting infinite hits on two days earlier, and/or I'm not deep enough, which seems to be the case. Some of the flys I used were "heavy" but don't get as deep as he spinning gear with the 15-ft Type 3 sink tip I'm using. Would a type 6 sink tip be better? Olive color has seemed best for me there lately in both spin and fly gear.

I may bring both fly and spin gear next time to experiment.

The smallmouth that I'm catching or are "hitting" what I'm throwing there now are very small now.
Floated from Van Giesen to Duportail yesterday evening. We both caught plenty, all were small, fishing smaller patterns seemed to work best. They weren't often in the places that I expected them to be, though. Usually they'll be lurking out of the current, but the majority of the fish we caught were in fast, shallow water. It's amazing how well even the little 10" fish fight when they grow up in the river like that.

Saw lots of big catfish lurking on the bottom as we floated along.

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