(NFR) time to put the hummer in the garage


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I probably missed where it stated the mileage, but I bet it wont be good enough for me to take it on the cowlitz trip :eek:

The bench seat folds into a bed....now that is an awesome idea :thumb: My subaru does that but not on purpose or by design :confused:
Thats perfect! With Bush lifting the wilderness roadless rules, I was wondering what I could use to braf around in the woods to find new fishing holes! duck fat, I'll just make my own roads!



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I have finished filling out the equipment request form for one of these for our IT dept. and emailed it to our equipment manager. I will let you know what his reply will be.

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Some thing big

you would need a commerical license just to drive it. But what the hey,I'll just use my pocket change to go out and get one. :rofl:


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