Premier Teaser Showing: The Trout Bum Diaries

What: The premier public showing of the teaser for the Angling Exploration Group's up and coming video, The Trout Bum Diaries, Volume I: Patagonia.

Where: All About the Fly, Monroe Washington,

When: Thursday, September 23rd, 7 pm

Why: This teaser is a 5 minute promotional teaser for our upcoming video, a high energy fly fishing video documenting our recent five month expedition to South America. It's a great opporurtunity to come hang out, see some great fishing footage, meet some new people, and have a good time!

For more information regarding our upcoming video, please visit or view our press release here:

If you can make it, please post below...

Chris Scoones

Staff member
I will be there, but a little late. Taryn's soccer game is that evening and I won't miss it. See you then.

Note the event on the calendar Ryan.


Idaho Resident Craftsman/Artisan
I'll be there. And all you all are a bunch of wussies if you don't show. And if you have a problem with that then you are a gaywad!


mike doughty

Honorary Member
I'm all about fly fishing videos so is this one for sale, how much and can i order it through the internet? of course i prefer ones that i am in, but oh well.
Mike, the video is still in production and is not yet for sale, tomorrow night we'll be showing the teaser for the upcoming video, which should be ready for the Nov 11th Launch Party. When they're done, they'll be available to purchase directly online at See you guys tomorrow night :)

Big K1

Large Member

I saw a little teaser at the Sno. clean up. It was awesome. Nice work.
As Mac stated I am going to be a gaywad and go to work. :(


Old Man

Just an Old Man
Well Mac. I did have a good time there last night. I hope that the whole video is just as good as the trailer was as it was awsome(sp). Thanks Ryan.
And as usual I put a few more faces to names which I have already forgot bawling: . It's funny how some peoples names stick and some can tell me their name everyday and it don't stick.

Jim....The one who can't remember much Old man bawling:

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