Swap Hairwing swap?


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Anyone have any interest in doing an Atlantic Salmon/ Steelhead hairwing swap? :confused:
Been tying up a lot of Professors, Red Abbeys, Grizly Kings, BlackBear Green Butts and a myriad of other classics.
I'd probably do a Nighthawk or Black Ghost for the swap.

Scott Behn

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Heh there David I would be interested depending on when you start this swap. I'm swapmiester on the Bugger swap and that don't officially end till Oct. 02.

Edit: The Lum Plum is what I'll probably tye


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Anything/Anytime is good for me. We'll see what kind of #'s we are looking at. Most hairwings dont take too long to tie so hopefully we can get a good number. Probably ending about 1 month after we get our final group.
I am thinking 12 to 14.

1. D3Smartie
2. Scott B
3. Mike D
4. R.E.E.
5. Steelheader 69 (Jerry)
6. Monk
7. nwflyfisher (stephen)


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Why dont we start with a due date of Oct 25 and a max of 10 people. I dont really think we will get 10 but who know. That gives us about 5 weeks.


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OK guys let me know if this works for you...
We'll give people until the 24th of Sept to sign up with a due date of Oct 25.
There are 4 of us right now and if it stays this few or even add one more I was thinking we cold tie up 2 patterns apiece for a total of 8 or 10 flies depending on the number of people. if we get up 7 or above scrap the idea.
Let me know if the dates work for you and what you think.
Thank you.

mike doughty

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I finally got some more hooks in the mail so the flies are well in the works. just waiting to find out how many to tie, 1 or 2 patterns and a name and address.
No it doesn't... more to do with the color... besides... I like the sound of that name. :cool: Right on. I look forward to seeing the others' creations. :beer2:

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