Swap Hairwing swap?

got any more room?

If you have any open slots I would like to get in on it. let me know. I don't know what I will tie but it will be good! I can let you know.
Okay great! I am going to do a modified Patricia. I have had pretty good luck with this one. I have Caught Steelies with it on both the Kalama and the washougal. Instead of using Claret I use kaufmans brown mixture, it's pretty good. :D

mike doughty

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Is there a sign up deadline for the swap? mine are done regardless and once the cutoff is made i will send them out, once a name and address is posted of course. :)


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1. D3Smartie - Black Ghost
2. Scott B - Lum Plum
3. Mike D - coquihalla orange
4. R.E.E. -
5. Steelheader 69 (Jerry) - Polar Shrimp
6. Monk - Lusty Lady
7. nwflyfisher (stephen)- Patricia
8. halcyon - chorus girl

as of 4:10 on the 24th of september this is who and what we have.
Here is my WA address. I'll have the flies sent down to CA so that the shipping is the same as for any other swap. When you send the flies please enclose a SASE. it will make things much easier. :thumb:
Have Fun.

David Smart
15253 Washington Ave
Bainbridge Island WA 98110
Heh there David is this hairwing swap catered towards the winter runs or is it just a hairwing swap for any run???

Just curious, cause my lum plum I use primarily for summer runs...If you're looking for winter run flies I have a few other patterns I can choose from for that.

Thought I should ask before I start...


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It doesnt matter. I am going with an Atlantic salmon fly which can also be used for summer runs on the G.R. and we have done well with it on the Snake.
Okay then...the lum plum I have always used on the Klickitat and that area durning the summer...Haven't tried it up here for this time of year or even later on...


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sounds good scott.
any other favorites for the Klickitat? I'm going to tie up a box for a friend who loves to fish there and was wondering what I should include.

I just finished 8 Black Ghosts while watching the Saints-Rams game. Might have to tie up another pattern over the next few weeks.