NFR Awesome Dogs of the WFF!

Deuce, who was rescued last month by my oldest son from animal welfare. A police officer found him on the street 6 months ago a starving puppy. He took him in but could not keep him with his schedule. We know the officers father.

Terrier/boxer mix. Very strong, intelligent and friendly. Strong hunting instincts. Hates squirrels.

Now he sleeps and plays with our other terrier/lab rescue of 8 years now Karma.


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Jimmy the dog is prone to having siezures and he went through another last night. They tend to wipe him out for a while and he's pretty much been passed out on the couch all afternoon. Archimedes the cat stopped by to make sure things were okay and to offer some support.

Absolutely love that!
The kids went out to the city a couple months ago with there grandparents. With absolutely no warning, they brought home a rescue kitten. It was literally found in an alley, and had some sort of cat flue. It could hardly breathe, would sneeze right in your face everytime you picked it up. We honestly didn't think it would last long. But the wife and kids nursed it back to health. It's doing fine now, and even lost it's weeze. The dog and it are buddies, too.

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