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We had a tough decision to put Mugz our pit/retriever mix down a few weeks ago. It was the right choice but still very painful.

We weren't even thinking of a new dog, but a friend of my wife's has a dog they are looking to place with the right family.

Lucy seems like a great dog, but is apparently a bit too energetic for them having very young children. That's not a problem for us and we're really starting to like her (it's her 2nd visit today). Hoping some that is left over puppy energy since she's only 2.

She's an interesting mix of Rhodesian Ridgeback, Vizla, and Lab. I love labs, but know very little about the other two breeds. Anyone have experience or thoughts on them?

She's a very sweet and happy dog.
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@Josh Smestad has a Vizsla that is an awesome dog! Though that energy might not go away with age! ;)
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Jim Ficklin

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Prudent & much-appreciated choice!

I had a very friendly Golden Retriever buddy-up to me at the grocery store early this morning. As a matter of fact, it jumped into the back of my Outback. On command, it jumped back out & sat. No collar, so I figured I'd stick around in case he had jumped out of some shopper's car/truck & if that didn't pan out, I'd swing by the Emergency Hospital & have them check for a chip. The next thing I knew, he was off on a dead run - tried to find him again, but to no avail. He was well cared for, friendly & obedient so I hope he found home. I drove down later, but he wasn't hanging around anymore.
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Charles Sullivan

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Shea is 15 or so now. She is hanging in there. Her hair does not grow back well and about 15% of the people who see her say "little bear".
She no longer cares if she gets caught eating your food, or escaping the yard. She sleeps about 22 hours a day, farts a ton. She is deaf.
She is pretty much perfect.

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Big Rob

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Some great looking dogs here. This is our Gunner(aka, Gmoney, Gbuns, Gunther, Spotted Dick)
A rescue from the Yak Res, and a crazy mix of Malamute, shepherd, Chow and pug.
For months he slept, and was mistaken for an Imperial AT-AT, but apparently he was just growing into his hoofs.
He's now 90lbs and the self-appointed herder of my minions and the protector of the realm.
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My fishing companion, Otter. She's 18 months now, and almost more obsessed with fish then her parents are. I was lucky enough to pull off over 100 days fishing this year and she was with me every step of the way. Still after the 100's of fish she's seen she MUST lick/sniff each and every one. My only hope I can break this 3 day slump and not let her down :) !




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