Can't logon to the gallery?


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How do you get rights to logon to the gallery and post pics up? I looked all over, and it states I logon with the same ID and password. It doesn't work :beathead: Could someone give me a little insight. :confused:

Chris Scoones

Staff member
The gallery's user database is tied to the discussion forum so you only have to register once. The gallery is still tied to the old discussion forum so until it's swung over to the new one, those who have registered on the new board will not be able to use the gallery. The migration will happen soon and will be noted here once completed. Sorry for the delay but getting it ported over has turned out to be a pain in the ass.


Paul Huffman

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I wasn't able to upload this morning, even though I was logged in with the old user name. Netscape 7 said document contains no data. IE says "The page cannot be displayed".

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