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With kids now, my fly tying space has moved to a corner near the furnace and lighting sux to say the least. I looked at lights in a few fly shops and they are spendy. Any recommendations on a decent light that represents true colors, doesn't get hot, puts off good lighting and doesn't cost an arm and a leg?


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Go to Kmart,Walmart, Home Depot,or any of the big chain stores and go into the lighting department. Do a look see and you will find that they have a light on a Swivel base with a magnifing glass/ light. It uses just a 60 watt light. Most I ever paid for one is under $20.00. It goes to any positon,be it close or far.

As for the name of it I'm at a loss. I just go by what it looks like.



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I use an Ott lite. They have versions with magnification as well as without. I think you can find them at Target, Fred's, etc., or the Michael's craft store. Very natural light, you can put it anywhere, and very convenient to use.

I was fortunate enough to win an OTT-Lite with magnifyer in a drawing. It's great for all kinds of close work and the light is as close to daylight as you can get. If you watch Jo-Anne's Fabric store ads they run OTT-Lites at 50% off all the time.

There are a couple other companies that sell true color lights, but I don't have the names at hand.


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Another Solution

I use a work light I purchased at either Staples or Office Depot last year. It can be hard-mounted or clamped to a table, has a jointed neck, uses a 60-watt bulb, and has a magnifying lens you can use by swinging the lamp head into position and opening a little "window." About $20.00. Never have noticed any heat build-up but can't comment on "true color" representation. I'm not that good yet anyway! But the lighting is great and it's made my flytying much more enjoyable!

And Ron's right, Joanne's does put the Ott on special from time to time - maybe twice a year. I just couldn't wait for the next sale, but I've nevertheless been very satisfied with my set-up...


When you buy a light , make sure that the bulbs that you're buying are "Full Spectrum" lighting. the fixtures (lights themselves) can be biught anywhere while the bulbs can not. They tend to be a bit pricey but, are well worth itI believe you can get them in any bulb configuration (ie., Flouresent, regular bulb type,etc. I heard that the Ott lite is a good one too. And on another website they said to go to to get on their sales "flyer" e-mail list if you don't get their flyers with your Sunday paper.