Rocky Ford Tricos?

Hey all,

Just wondering about the Trico hatch on Rocky Ford. Sounds like it's decent this time of year.
What time do the spinners fall? Are the trout really keyed in to these bugs now?

Also does the creek fish consistently throughout the day, or is it mostly a morning and evening game?

Thanks for advice,

Tight lines!
Pete Pilkey
Hey Woolly,
Spent Last Thurs thru Sun on RF with the people you have been reading about up here, check the forum for their reports.
The mayfly hatches have been sparse most of the spring, but the last couple of weeks they are heavy. We saw the common one, Callibaetis, Cahills, PMDs and several others I couldnt identify, except for size. Some were huge down to about size 20. I dont think I saw trico's although there were so many types there may have been.
There were a few small caddis, cranes, and an assortment of midges which is always going on.
The Morning fishing right now is definitely best, from sunup to about 1100. Normally, it is pretty consistant all day, and some fish can be had, but morning right now is definitely best. The evening hatch can be extremely frustrating, or a bonanaza. Your best friend here anytime is wind,(covers up things).
The people I was working with all caught fish, with a scud being the most consistent.(thats a no brainer here)
We had fab dry fly on fri nite just in front of a storm with a little overcast and wind. It lasted about an hour, then was over about 800pm.
If you have never fished a spring creek before, I would advise you to not have any preconceived notions befor you get there. I regularly see guys spend 2 or 3 days here without a fish. They try everything in their box, usually talking about the only thing I could get them to hit was a "such and such", meaning they only got one half hearted strike.
I regularly see beginners hooking numbers of fish dangling Heavily weighted flys, and I Emphasize dangle and Heavily weighted. You are not going to learn a thing doing that, so stay loose and observe. I will guarantee you that you will see many large tails sticking out of the water the whole time you are there. Good luck, I would be interested in a report when you get back.
Oh yeah, Use long leader about 5x tip. 6x even better

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