Cheap Silver Fly

Ok... Here we go...

Tail: Orange rabbit strip

Body: Orange Chenile

Wing: Orange rabbit strip

Four to Six strands of flat silver tinsel (I tie 2 to 3 per side) onthe wing

You are done. This pattern works well in slow moving pools and I have had sucess with pink, purple and caught a steelhead on in in black.

I use it for really snaggy areas (so i can fish it hard and not worry about losing flies). Let me know how you do.
Forgot to mention... sparse is the key. The strips i cut (for cross-cut) are about as long as the width of the cut, so they are very small pieces. I will post a pic later if i can find a camera. Works great!

Matt Burke

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Damn Silvers. I hate them. They always show themselves and leave. Give 'em everything in my box, served less an inch from their nose and nothing. Stupid fish.
I am one of those that doesn't think that the fly matters too much. A little flash, the right presentation and whammo... this is all dependent on whether the fish will eat or not... :rolleyes: