My First Carp Outing of 2015

Jay Burman

Fly Fisher, Bon Vivant, Layabout.
My Dog Biscuit has heavy eyes to make it sink. I tied one with the brass chain eyes and it wanted to float. I've never caught a carp on the surface but I'll look for surface feeding activity. Sounds like fun.

Brad Niemeyer

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Nice work! I haven't been out to Banks for years. The side ponds are loaded with carp I had 6-7 (10- 20#) landed one spring day, with people stopping to watch the show. I was not as successful in the main lake....

Your fly looks great. I found two flies effective one similar to yours with weighted eyes for tailing fish, the other was a non-weighted rust colored nymph that I could suspend right off the carp's nose. This was deadly for non feeding carp. Reddish chironomids work quite well for picky carp.

Jay Burman

Fly Fisher, Bon Vivant, Layabout.
Nice one! I have a new theory. Since Carp are not predatory but are bottom feeders I have tied a few new flies that I'm hoping will yield better results. First, Carp feed on the bottom using smell, feel and sight so number, tie your Carp flies without using any glue to minimize scent.
Second: I'm experimenting with rubber bodies with a more natural feel in hopes that the Carp will hang on to it a little longer allowing me a better chance to detect a take.
Third: When in doubt go smaller. I'm using a size #8 bait hook that will hold the rubber grub in place.
I hope to get over later this this week to try again.


Jay Burman

Fly Fisher, Bon Vivant, Layabout.
I have a larger version that works for just about everything else including trout. I tie on some hackles so It's seems like a fly.

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