Fly fishing books?

The Royal Wulff Murders, by Keith McCafferty. Give it read and see
if you enjoy it. I bet you will. Of course its fiction, but its good. Also,
any Steve Raymond book is good.


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I have a collection of books that are gathering dust that I won't likely read again. I'd like to pass them along, to be passed along again and again. I'd be pleased to pass them along. Any takers?

Scott I like books and would be interested in whatever you have to offer.


"Chasing Riseforms"
I am almost finished with "A River Never Sleeps" It's a good book, very down to earth. It's a little before my time, but I think that made it worth while for. It reminded me of stories that my great-uncle use to tell me of his fishing adventures.
Read Fisherman's Summer and Fishermans Spring.

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"Fly fishing Mountain lakes" by Gary are humorous and his thoughts are a sideways look at fly fishing vs...traditional wisdom.
"Fly Fishing through a Midlife Crisis" by Howell Raines...a wonderful life reflection like one on the waters surface.
"Joe and Me " by James Prosek, artist and illustrator and a tender reflection about a fishing mentor and life lived.


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Olive the Little Wooleybugger! Volumes 1 through 3...

A Good Life Wasted is awesome too! Need to reread it!
AGREED... ! ! Any of Harry Middleton's. "The Earth is Enough", is probably runner up to his best, "The Starlight Creek Angling Society". Unfortunately, a limited edition of only 500 copies and very sought after. If you can find a copy for under $1 grand... grab it! I snatched a copy when it first came out in 1992, for 250 bucks and that about killed me.

His others:
Rivers of Memory
On the Spine of Time
The Bright Country

His later writings got kinda dark as he was struggling with a lot of personal issues.

Collected writings of unpublished works, articles, etc. compiled after his death in '93:
In That Sweet Country

Silent Seasons.
A compilation of 21 fishing stories by some of the greats; Jim Harrison, Thomas McGuane, Russell Chatham and others.

There..., that should keep you busy for awhile and help to get thru these cold Winter months when you can't get out on the stream and also, add a very nice touch to your shelf/shelves!
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