2015 2 Fly

Jerry Daschofsky

Staff member
To all our supporters, friends, volunteers and veterans,

As most of you know, every September for the past five years we have held the PHW NW 2 Fly on the Yakima River.
Despite hardships such as fires, smoke, poor air quality, and low water the event has been well received and has even
gotten better each year we ran the event. My thanks goes out to Jerry and all the volunteers that have helped.
None of these events would have happened without this great support.

All that said, key to pulling this event off is water levels. As an example, last year we just managed to get by with 1200 CFS.
If you have been following the news this year you will already know they are predicting a very grim picture for water levels.
This is not good news for this year's event. Add in the requirement to centrally locate, feed, house, and support 100-125
folks for three days would require a major effort to change venues.

As hard as it is to say, this year's 2 Fly is being cancelled. This decision does not come easy and is based on a great deal
of discussion with guides, fly shops, and government and state agencies. Pray for heavy snow for the 2016 2 Fly.

If any of you have made reservations at the Ellensburg KOA or any of the local hotels you need to cancel them.

Again, thanks for your continued support and understanding.

Chuck Tye
Chuck and Jerry,

I am sorry to hear the 2-fly won't be happening but wanted you to know that I appreciate everything you guys do surrounding PHW. If you choose, at any point, to do a smaller Yakima outing before the river gets wonky I will make every effort to be there for you with my boat. Thanks again.

Chuck and Jerry,
Last year was my first year with you folks. It means a great deal to me to have the opportunity to participate because of your efforts. Really hope that next year there is some decent snow pack in the mountains. I wear my "Healing Waters" cap proudly and tell anyone who ask about how they can support our troups. Heads up till next year ....gonna try to be one of the first to say, ..."I'm in".

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