Chasing Steelhead on the Situk in Alaska

My buddy just got a decent camera and is working on his filming and editing. They spent 5 long days on the Situk just outside Yakutat and the weather was brutal. Still had a great time and caught some beautiful fish.
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Before your buddy tries to learn to be yet another amateur videographer, he needs to learn to respect the subject that he's shooting. Nothing drives me crazier than seeing fish mishandled and dragged on shore so some douchbag can take hero pics or stupid video footage. If I were there, I would have smashed his fucking camera. Keep the fish in the water!!!
Epic fail!!! Every single fish was drug up in the rocks or ran around with like an idiot. I'm with Freestone, but it would have been their teeth, not the camera.


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Yep boys, you will probably continue to get flamed for this and rightfully so. What you have posted is completely unacceptable to this or any crowd that values wild fish.

But use this as an opportunity to learn how to properly handle your quarry.

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I watched about 2 minutes of it. I guess that they were He Men and didn't need a net. I guess that they figured out it was better to have the fish beat themselves on the rocks of the river bank than to use a net to protect the fish. Bad fish handling all around.

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I was fishing the Main Stilly one time below that small barrier dam where it splits and makes an Island around Silvana. I was on the opposite bank. I watched a women horse in a King on the rocks and after she got the hook out of it's mouth, she literally kicked the fish back into the water.

I just hate people that don't give a shit for the resource's we have access to.
Right. I am just curious how to land a large fish without playing it to complete exhaustion. Is that the trick to keeping them in the water... playing them till they are dead weight... then pull them in?
I just spent the last two hours reading on landing fish. I am not officially read up. I guess the ultimate NO is pulling a fish onto shore. I guess for many people, they just don't understand that not everyone is at expert level on the water. Fishing like every sport is a progression. 90% of the fish I have caught, I have caught in the last 2 years. 90% of those fish I have caught that are a decent size I have used a landing net. We just didn't have space for a net ( believe it or not space is a real logistical issue when flying somewhere with just two people) and neither of us have a lot of experience landing fish. I guess what I am trying to say is that we are just learning, and quite literally I have gone on 3 steelhead trips, and have only caught 11, total, ever. In that window, 99% of me is so excited just to have a fish on, that realistically, its all sorta a blur. What it comes down to, is that essentially in terms of fishing we are toddlers. Our fishing timeline is basically this.... Year 1, I got a raft. Then we went out and caught no trout and no salmon. Broke a lot of stuff, and crashed a lot into everything. Year 2, caught no trout, could catch salmon but knots broke 50% of the time. Crashed the boat less. Didn't steelhead fish. Year 3: invited a preacher onto the boat who taught us how to catch trout. We hooked them but landed like 3% of the big fish. Did our first fly out trout trip. Figured out how to row. Year 4: Finally could reliably catch trout. Every trip we act surprised to catch a fish. We always talk about how 2 years ago we caught nothing every trip. Year 5: This year. We go to situk and I catch 7 steelhead in 5 days. Our previous two trips, my 3 friends and I only caught a combined 4 fish, 2 were mine.

If you watch my videos, I guess it must be pretty obvious we are just learning. Or I guess we look like a bunch of pricks. Bottom line is that I still sorta want to capture the moment. The learning years are fun in anything because its when you are most excited right? Every fish is basically the first one. My buddy in that video has not landed that many steelhead. Actually, he only caught 2 I think the whole week. Its just that we really don't have that much experience, not that we are he-man, don't respect the fish or nature. We are simply learning how to fish, a skill many anglers have passed down to them, that we instead grinded out and learned on our own over the course of 4 years. Clearly we have more to learn, but its a progression.

With all that said, fuck you guys. You are a bunch of shit talking pricks who don't know me at all talking shit on the internet like a bunch of fucking bitches. There are 1 million ways you could approach a person on the river and talk fishing etiquette without breaking my 1000 dollar camera and knocking my teeth out. The same goes for on an internet forum.

I may not know how to land a fish.... but I will learn. And in 5 years when I have it down.... you know what I will do? If I see a video that doesn't show how to do it correctly....or if I see someone fishing incorrectly.... instead of re posting it and calling the guys clowns or threatening physical harm on them... I will try to pass on the information that I have in a way that is useful and doesn't make me look like a complete a total fucking asshole.

I will be in Washington this summer. If you want a crack at me, you are welcome to set up a time.

Tight lines gentleman.

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