Awesome ignorance in a TV show


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The american version of Sherlock called Elementary.

Some writer stumbled across the concept of the "glock bulge", and ran with it. Sherlock, being the smartest guy in the room points out that "these are reloads, note the bulged base of the brass", and he goes on a bit. That part was mostly close to right, and not offensive. The offensive part was the police detective, who clearly had no idea the concept even existed (hey not all cops are gun guys so it's possible) and shook his head in disgust at the depths the world had sunk to and said:

"Reusable Bullets..."


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Exactly, Salmo G. My wife does the same thing. I cut her some slack, she's from out of town (actually, China).

When I lived in China, I'd have people come to me and ask me how I survived the drug wars going on in the cities - they'd watched too many bootlegged American crime dramas and assumed that it was actually like that.

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speaking of moron detectives, or in this case ATF "agents", get a load of this one! Of course it could be "converted"; replace the upper, the lower, and the barrel, and voila! Guess it doesn't matter that you have to replace almost the entire thing with real parts, but why let truth stand in the way of stupidity.

Like Jeff Foxworthy says: "Here's your sign"!

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