FS 10' Livingston, Trailer, Trolling Motor

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Salmon King

The Boat is an older, well worn typical Livingston (with floorboards, and several locations for rod holders).
There's even a base for a Scotty fly rod holder mounted just in front of the transom!
Very stable fly fishing or crabbing platform.
It's been beat up but it has no leaks.

The trailer is a flat bed (with removable stake sides so it can do double duty as a utility trailer).
The fenders have some cancer from the salt water but the rest of the trailer is strong.

The motor is a Minnkota Endura (I think it's 35# thrust?).
Works fantastic.

Sorry, No Oars

Price is $750 FIRM. I will also consider trading for a 6 - 10hp dependable kicker.
I'm selling because I have too many boats and 1 has to go...I chose this one.
Livingston 002.jpg Livingston 005.jpg
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