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Hello, I am brand new to the sport, just bought my first outfit and am looking for a river to start out on. Any help is greatly appreciated. By the way, I live in Seattle and am looking to fish 45 mins. to an hour away. Thanks again.

Scott Salzer

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First off, get a copy of the Washington Gazetteer, it helps to have maps of the areas people will mention. I would start off on either the South Fork or the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie. Check the regs! The SF runs along I-90 up to Snoqualmie Pass. For the MF, take exit 34, go left, stay right and head up the MF road. This road turns to gravel and basically follows the river. Both of these rivers are close to Seattle and relatively open for novice fly flingers.
For dries, I would suggest elk hair caddis, stimulators or humpies. For wet, olive woolley buggers, hare's ear, pheasant tail. There is a nice flyshop in Issaquah, they open early - 0600, that you might want to stop by and see what they suggest. Welcome to the club and good luck.
Thanks, I was told about the middle fork by another person, also. Looks like that is the one for me, hopefully I will be able to get up there this weekend...


take a ferry to kingston or get to the west side of whidbey island for returning pinks and silvers any public beach or park prefered with heavy current such as point no point basic salmon patterns, morning best but at tide changes if chasing fish to shore--good luck
I also started to learn to flyfish this year. I have learned alot fishing on the Green River out by Palmer Kansket and around other parts of the Green River. I have found using a tan Caddis as sparse as possible for hook covering will catch many small rainbow trout. Fish the fast water with a high rate of flow. Cast the line out straight across the river and let it flow down from you. Pull the line in slow almost half the hits came while pulling the line back to prepare for another cast. If you fish the river this way you will get alot of bites teaching you how to set the hook properly. The fish I catch are not large most between 6-9 inches, but the fish are many I always catch and release 3-5 this way each time and once in 4.5 hours more then 30. I myself have improved my line mending, casting, and hook setting well there. I have also done well on the Green out by Flamming Gyser State park both in the park area itself but back a few miles in the park that hides on the way out to via HWY 18. The corner out to Gyser across from the meat packing plant also looks good but is often crowded with other fly fishers. I hope to see you out their sometime.
>catch many small rainbow trout.

Those are actually Steelhead Smolts, anything small sparsely tied should get a strike from them, my fave is a royal coachman. Please be careful with them and fish barbless!!!!!

Scott Keith
Just got back from the middle fork of snoqualmie, I caught my first fish off of a fly! (it was about 4 or 5 inches long) I caught a few more, all off of elk hair caddis (I lost 3 the flies) The Green River sounds interesting, I think I'll try out it out next.
I tried a new river this weekend, The Taylor river, it is a catch a release only and the fish are not big at least what I caught. But the river is very easy to wade and the scenery is great. There are many other fly fishers on the river but I found plenty of space to spread out. The river is out Edgewick road up I 90. I caught 1 fish on a royal wolf and one of a brown red belly caddis. I had 4-5 other strikes the fish spit them out before I could try to set the hook. This might be a new river to try out your new skills in. I also fished the green again on Friday by Flaming Geyser and Saturday by Kanasket and caught and released 5 fish each day, all around 6-7 inches. So the Green seems to have more fish on this year.
I am gonna head out to the green river saturday late afternoon, where do you suggest I start out? I need help with directions (I am not familiar with that area)

I too am new to fly fishing and found that exit 42 off of I90 can produce many fish in the 6-8 inch range. Roughly a dozen or so in a 2 hour period. One day I caught a couple cutthoat over a foot. One was 15 inches! Just wade north or south and hit the pools below the riffles.
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Aug-17-01 AT 09:16 PM (PST)[/font][p]The fastest place to go to start is Flaming Geyser state park or along the river on the way to. I fish out there often on week nights. Go out HWY 18 just past Auburn. Take the Exit for Flaming Gyser and fish any where along the river all the way to Flaming Gyser or at the park itself. Many good spots along the way include right after the exit under the bridge or across from the little meat market. The bridge area before the park is also good and there is a small park that is on the right in between these two places that is popular with the salmon and steelie crowd, Though I have never seen any caught there. This park is hard to find on the way out the sign for is small and the driveway for hides well. The park of Flyming Geyser holds the most fish but is very crowded with swimmers on nice days. Though I have fished there with swimmers close by and still caught many fish. This shocked many who were in the area. One thing I ask is to clean up after yourself, to many who use this area do not. I myself am heading out there now for the evening bite. The exit by the way is the Auburn Black Diamond exit. Just got back Caught four just accross from the meat market the largest was 10-10.5 inches caught just as the sun was setting. The rest 4-6 inches. All released unharmed so they are all still there.

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