Scott Behn

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Okay here is the flies I have in hand so far:

Old Man's

Diehard said his are in the mail today.
LongsforCutts bowed out cause he is a grad student...I'm a student myself but I'm still involved in 2 swaps and raising 3 kids, but that's me...

So that leaves...

flylikeIdo and
Joe M.

Let me know whether you have sent your flies or not no later then Sat.

If I don't recieve your flies and/or notification that your flies have been sent, then I'll assume that you are not going to finish the swap and I'll divy up what I already have...

Scott Behn

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"Since I'm a grad student, I won't have time to tye my contributions in the next few days."

That is what I was sarcastically replying to...
I know its hard to convey what it is your trying say when your online, but I am not trying to piss in your pot.

No I don't email any comfirmation to any fly tyer, as long as I have been involved with any swap most of the communication is done on the forum. Just next time when your post an entry for a swap check back within a day and you'll find out what the list of contributing tyers for any particular swap will be, or just go through the site here and email the swapmeister if you don't see any responce to your post...

No hard feelings...

And it only takes about 10 - 15 minutes to tye 10 buggers with a few extra for the swapmeister...
:hmmm: :p

Hope the faces convey a lighter mood better then my words...


Indi "Ira" Jones
I didn't even know this thing was actually happening! Sorry I missed the due date, where to send to, etc. I'll try to tie some up. Let me know where to send them.

My pattern really isn't even a woolly bugger. I call it a "P-Bugger." It takes about 3x time to tie each fly versus a normal bugger, since the body and wing have to be tied in stages, as the pheasant feathers that I palmer are so short. They're killer flies, though, which is why I'll be selling them at Parks' Fly Shop next year for the first time, at $2.75 a pop versus $1.90 for the normal buggers I tie.

Scott Behn

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I knew you would come through...Thanks Ira!!!!


I'll be looking in the mail probably starting Mon. I believe that is everyone, just waiting on the mail.

As soon as I get them I'll divy them up and send them back out...I'll try to take pictures of them for the gallery, but I haven't had to do that before so we'll see how that goes...

Edit: I'm just going to assume that flylikeIdo is not participating...

Scott Behn

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Ira just got your flies today nice set...

Okay tomorrow I'll walk down to the post office and get some envelopes to send the buggers out.

Thanks all for participating and hope you enjoy.

Thanks, and see ya on the rivers

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