Tiny Trip Report from Nebraska


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Went to Omaha to visit some friends and go to a concert, figured we could get some fishing in, too. My buddy doesn't fly fish, so we spent the first two days flinging worms and getting some decent bass. Nothing huge, but the lake we were at is only a couple years old (it opened to the public in March), so we weren't expecting any lunkers. On the drive back west yesterday I got the wife to let me stop and fish one of my old haunts, a little sting of sandpits along I-80 called Bassway.
There were two issues with Bassway that day. First, the river was so high that it was connecting with some of the pits and stirring them up into chocolate milk; the high water also made walking the banks a little tricky, but I was wet wading so it warn't a big problem. The second issue was that it was windy. I can deal with a little wind if I'm in a river or on a beach, but when you're surrounded by cottonwoods and pine trees and tall grass, it's a bit of a pain in the butt.
Lucky for me, however, I remembered the tiny pond. Tucked away in the back of the WMA is a tiny little pond surrounded on three sides by a sand berm that blocks the wind pretty well. The water was clear and the fish were small, but hungry:

The bass hit minnows and top-waters and seemed wary of damselflies, the bluegills hit minnows and damselflies, the carp ignored everything. It was a great pit-stop on the long drive home.


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Nice report. I spent Labor Day weekend 2003 camping at Lake McConaughy. Some kids there explained how the "tides" affected fishing below the dam (tide = release of water). I fished off the riprap at the dam and caught some walleye and small bass on clousers. My only Nebraska fishing experience.

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